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2 December 2022: I'm busy with some offline issues right now, and I don't anticipate being able to work on things here for some time. Sorry :(

Recent updates

9 August 2022: added an Articles page.

25 January 2022: added newly-recovered material to Fang's Blog on MX / MDW; created a new page collecting every official blog post I could find.

18 December 2021: repaired broken links on the pages for official sites and forums; added some links to the Official Sites page.

30 October 2021: added a News page, revised the home page.

10 September 2021: added a previously-lost image to the ARG page.

5 September 2021: created a guestbook and an FAQ page.

14 July 2021: added material to the MR UK forum page.

7 July 2021: added material to the forum page.

29 April 2021: revised the Fanworks page; added a link to the Maximum Ride fanfiction archive I made to the Links page.

Maximum Ride news

City of the Dead, the second Hawk novel, has been released! You can purchase it at James Patterson's website. There's also a sneak peek available in newer editions of Hawk -- or you can see it here on Tumblr.

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Last update: 2 December 2022.