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Between late 2008 and approximately 2013, Fang's Blog existed on MX / MDW. This post collects links to every blog post made there, including titles, posting dates, and the character who made the post. (Fang's Blog was never written just by Fang -- at one time or another, every main character made at least one post.)

Some posts contained embedded Flash content (usually YouTube videos), which are now broken, since Flash hit its end-of-life. I've tracked down the content I was able to find.

"Whoa First Blog". 21 November 2008. Fang.

"We've Been Waiting So Long for These Pictures of....". 21 November 2008. Fang.

"HILARIOUS". Video link: "Pop Up Problem". 24 November 2008. Fang.

"The New Book". 25 November 2008. Fang.

"Awesome". Video link (no longer viewable): "Arcade Fire - Neon Bible live in an elevator!". 3 December 2008. Fang.

"FAXNESS". Video link: "'SHINE ON ME' Music Video by CHRIS DANE OWENS". 8 December 2008. Nudge.

"AHmazing.... !". 8 December 2008. Angel.

"Earth Angel, Earth Angel". 11 December 2008. Angel.

"Everyday it's a-gettin' closer, goin' faster than a roller coaster". 11 December 2008. Max.

"Portents, Portents". 15 December 2008. Fang.

"& Also". 15 December 2008. Fang.

"Blow Out/Blow Up". 5 January 2009. Fang.

"So Legit Dude, So Legit". 14 January 2009. Fang.

"Judging This Friday". 14 January 2009. Max.

"Angel's New Boyfriend". Video link: "Zombie Kid Likes Turtles". 15 January 2009. Fang.

"Advice from Fang". 15 January 2009. Fang.

"AND The Photo Contest Winners Are...". 24 January 2009. Max.

"The Gnarly Republic of Skateistan". 26 January 2009. Fang.

"Gettin' Figgy with It". 27 January 2009. Fang.

"Collective of Animals". 10 February 2009. Fang.

"Inquiring minds want to know". 11 February 2009. Fang.

"'Do You Think Iggy Is Fine?' (uh...)". 19 February 2009. Max.

"Newsflash!". 4 March 2009. Max.

"NuDgE: WANTS TO GO TO PARIS". 12 March 2009. Nudge.

"Been A Long Time Since I Blog-and-Rolled". "The Henry Clay People 'Something in the Water'". 17 March 2009. Fang.

"The Movie News You've All Been Waiting For". 19 March 2009. Max.

"Some Props are Deserved". 23 March 2009. Fang.

"Your Questions Answered". 1 April 2009. Fang.

"Happy Rainbow Pony Land?!". 6 April 2009. Fang.

"Free Reading". 6 April 2009. Fang.

"Look me in the eye!". Broken MySpace content embed. My best guess is that it was "Unsatisfied" by The Replacements. 7 April 2009. Fang.

"Peep Peep Show". 13 April 2009. Angel.

"Angel Told Me To Tell You". 13 April 2009. Fang.

"DID YOU GUYS SEE THIS?!". Broken video link. 14 April 2009. Fang.

"Fancy Dancy Sassy Brits!". Video link: "Beyonce 100 Single Ladies Flash-Dance Piccadilly Circus, London for Trident Unwrapped". 24 April 2009. Nudge.

"HELP!". 24 April 2009. Max.

"Color me in pretty please". 8 May 2009. Angel.

"Vintage Catherine Hardwicke". Video link: "lords of dogtown trailer". 13 May 2009. Fang.

"Mega Shark vs. Giant Octopus". Video link: "Mega Shark vs Giant Octopus trailer". 18 May 2009. Iggy.

"This Is Awesome". Video link: "Star Wars (John Williams Is The Man) a cappella tribute music medley - Corey Vidal and Moosebutter". 19 May 2009. Fang.

"Everyone Always Wonders What It's Like to Fly". 21 May 2009. Fang.

"Angel looks way pretty with color (and always)". Slideshow link: "People colored in NaRae Lee's drawing of me!". 29 May 2009. Max.

"iiiiiiiiiiiiiiii like it!". Video link: "Joe Jonas Dances to Single Ladies". 3 June 2009. Nudge.

"The President & the Ponies". 4 June 2009. Angel.

"MOVIE Max & Fang?". 9 June 2009. Max.

"More MOVIE News". 11 June 2009. Fang.

"Yo, A Reminder". 16 June 2009. Fang.

"I'll miss you Michael Jackson". Broken video link. 26 June 2009. Nudge.

"Make yr own Urtak". 26 June 2009. Fang.

"Back to the Ice Future". 29 June 2009. Max.

"Featured Blogs". 1 July 2009. Max.

"Munchie Munchie Little Fly!". Broken video link. 1 July 2009. Gazzy.

"Fang and Iggy are gonna be so angry!". 6 July 2009. Gazzy.

"Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart Petition". 8 July 2009. Max.

"It's Kinda Like Angel". 14 July 2009. Max.


"This Is What Would Happen if We Let Fang Out in Public". Broken video link. 21 July 2009. Max.

"OFFICIAL FANG ANNOUNCEMENT". Broken video link. 21 July 2009. Max.

"Manga Manga Manga!". 22 July 2009. Angel.

"New Manga Cover!". 7 August 2009. Angel.

"Genetic engineering". Video link: "Disney Geneticists Debut New Child Stars". 12 August 2009. Fang.

"Under the sea". 17 August 2009. Max.

"I make lemonade". Video link: "When Life Gives Me Lemons I Make Lemonade by The Boy Least Likely To". 10 September 2009. Angel.

"The Cutest Thing You've Ever Seen". Broken video link. 16 September 2009. Angel.

"New Cover Revealed". 9 October 2009. Fang.

"Attention (DIY) Fashonistas!". 20 October 2009. Nudge.

"Gazzy and I Are Going to Convince Somebody to Buy These for Us...". 22 October 2009. Iggy.

"Max Manga Inspired Fang Torture, Err, Protection Idea". 2 November 2009. Max.

"BIG AND DISGUSTING!". 11 November 2009. Gazzy.

"NaRae Lee's Art". Slideshow link: "NaRae Lee's artwork". 23 November 2009. Angel.

"Brrr+Brrr=BRRRRR". 8 January 2010. Fang.

"FANG TRAILER LEAKED". 1 February 2010. Nudge.

"FANG TRAILER IN COLOR". 23 February 2010. Nudge.

"Nooze & Primordial Ooze". 1 March 2010. Fang.

"Book Trailer LIVE". Broken video link to the FANG trailer. View on YouTube. 5 March 2010. Max.

"NEW BOOK DAY". 15 March 2010. Nudge.

"Battle of the Schools: How It Works". 30 April 2010. Max.


"Speaking of genetic mutation...". 11 August 2010. Fang.

"Lord of the dance?". 21 September 2010. Gazzy.

"Long time no...". 11 April 2011. Max.

"NEVERMORE Final Chapter". 14 June 2012. Max.

"More NEVERMORE Final Chapter Fanfiction!". 21 June 2012. Max.

"Here we go: Fanfiction Runner-Ups". 22 June 2012. Max.

"Last runner-up". 29 June 2012. Max.

"Meteor Shower". 2 July 2012. Max.

"And the winner is!". 2 July 2012. Max.

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