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It's hard to make a full list of official Maximum Ride websites that have existed. I know of the following:



3. /

4. JP YA (tumblr)

Most of these are no longer online, or now redirect to James Patterson's main website.

Using the Wayback Machine allows us to get a look at sites that are no longer online. Links on the Wayback Machine may load slowly; this is normal.

This page does not discuss the forums that were attached to three of these four sites. You can read about various Maximum Ride forums here.

This site begins to show up in the Wayback Machine beginning in September 2004, months before the April 2005 publication of The Angel Experiment. It's popped in and out of existence since then. This web address appeared in the back of some editions of the books. Currently it redirects to a page on James Patterson's official website.

September 2004 - early April 2005: exists, but either redirects to James Patterson's website, or is a list of books coming soon from Time Warner Bookmark, the publisher.

April 2005: the site goes online.

June 2005: changes to the front page. More links appear in the sidebar, including a more prominent link to the forums, a link to a themed iTunes playlist, and a link to an AOL Instant Messenger chatbot.

April 2006: School's Out Forever is about to be published. Format changes to the main page.

At some point after this, the format of the main page changes, and it becomes a Flash-based splash page that no longer functions.

Starting in mid-March 2009, the site becomes a redirect to Maximum-X. By May 2010, the redirect changes to Max-Dan-Wiz -- it's the same site, but has changed URLs.

January 2013: the site is dedicated to all of James Patterson's YA content.

May 2015: the site redirects to a site for Maximum Ride: Forever, the ninth book.

Late in 2017, the site stops working, then briefly transfers ownership. By October 2019, it returns -- as a redirect to James Patterson's website.

Read the archives directly. For best results when viewing a search like this, click "from" to bring the oldest results to the top of your search.

UK version of the site. Existed from 2005 to 2014; peak activity between 2007 and 2008.

Read the archives directly. /

This was a single site which changed URLs in the middle of its existence. Technically it was dedicated to three of James Patterson's YA books -- besides Maximum Ride, it included The Dangerous Days of Daniel X, and a little later, Witch and Wizard. Fang's Blog existed on this domain between about 2008 and 2013.

This site had the least "front page" material of the official sites I am aware of. I've covered it more on my "forums" page.

Read the archives directly (Maximum-X).

Read the archives directly (Max-Dan-Wiz).

Other Sites

A marketing team at The Concept Farm created other sites for this series, and therein lies a tale.

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