Official Sites

The Sites

It's hard to make a full list of official Maximum Ride websites that have existed. I know of the following:



3. /

4. JP YA (tumblr)

5. Maximum Ride Forever (promotional site for this book, the Marvel comic, and a web series)

6. NEVERMORE ("Max's blog" during the promotional campaign for Nevermore)

7. Max_Flock (Twitter account)

Most of these are no longer online, or now redirect to James Patterson's main website.

Using the Wayback Machine allows us to get a look at sites that are no longer online. Links on the Wayback Machine may load slowly; this is normal.

This page does not discuss the forums that were attached to some of these sites. You can read about various Maximum Ride forums here.

Other Sites

A marketing team at The Concept Farm created other sites for this series, and therein lies a tale. Click here to read more about the Concept Farm.

Fang's Blog was an integral part of Maximum Ride's online presence for many years. At some points it was accompanied by other in-character blog posts.

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Last update: 25 January 2022.