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Fang's Blog is still online, but many of the images used in the earliest posts were hosted on They no longer appear in the live version of the site, but by using the Wayback Machine I was able to recover a few of them. Two of them are stills from the third X-Men movie, The Last Stand; the others were created for the blog.

These images were all associated with posts made in 2005 - 2006. All the images are thumbnailed; click to view them full-size. I've added brief descriptions / transcriptions that appear following each image.

To see an index of all the Maximum Ride blog posts I've been able to assemble, click here.

A pencil sketch of an Eraser. Two people are holding its mouth open; another is using a pair of pliers to yank out a tooth. Posted 28 April 2005. Entry title: "Something to remember...".

A pencil sketch of Angel, being dragged away from the viewer. Posted 18 May 2005. Entry title: "Nightmares are NOT cool!".

An X-ray image of human hands. Red spots have been added to the image around some of the joints on the right hand. Posted 31 May 2005. Entry title: "X-Rays". (There were two images in this post; this is the first one.)

An image of Fang, who is lying down with his back to the viewer and his head at the right of the frame. The base of his wing is visible, and has been injured. Posted 4 June 2005. Entry title: "Fang's War Wounds!".

A handwritten journal entry, dated July 5, 2002. Posted 28 June 2005. Entry title: "Max's Journal: July 5, 2002".

Entry text:

July 5, 2002

Dear Journal,

I miss Ari and I’m really worried about him. Today I tried to ask Jeb about why Ari was left behind, but I just couldn’t go through with it. He’s just so young, and no one’s there to look out for him now, so who knows what those freaks will do to him! Ugh. I’m getting sick, just thinking about it. I should try and think about something else.

Hmmm… how about hot dogs? Little Angel, little 3-year-old Angel, ate FOUR of them today… all by herself! She had mustard and ketchup all over her face, and just kept jumping up and down, asking for more.

We’re really becoming a nice little family here. I never thought I’d know a feeling like this before. …we’re safe. Someone reads us stories, tells us jokes, and even tucks us in at night. It’s like feeling a hug all day long. And I NEVER want it to stop.


P.S. Jeb wants us to learn about our surroundings on this thing called “The Internet.” Nudge is REALLY excited about it. We’ll see!

Two images of the winged character Warren Worthington III, aka Angel or Archangel, from the 2006 film X-Men: The Last Stand. Posted 8 December 2005. Entry title: "Copycats! (Er...birds?)".

A screen capture of a Gmail account. We're looking at an email in their Sent Mail folder.

On the left we can see the Labels the account user has created. They read: artist formly know...; broomsticks; cheap eats; ella & mom; fang; finding family; institute findings; my fans?; nudge; the (UH!) school; wings; wings vs broomst...

In the middle of the screen is an email. It's from Maximum Ride [the owner of this account] to "Dr. Martinez", also a Gmail user. The subject line is "a note for ella". It was sent on Wednesday, December 21, 2005, at 3:03 PM. Email text:

Dr. Martinez
It's Max. I found your e-mail address after I did a google search for your veterinary office. Hope you don't mind playing postal service employee for a bit and passing this onto Ella for me. I'd appreciate it. A lot.

Apparently you're supposed to tell the truth around the holidays (at least that's what I've gathered from watching a bunch of holiday-related movies), so I figured it's about time I did.

The truth is, you were a really decent human being to me, Ella. You and your mom helped me when anyone else probably would have run the other way screaming. Over the past few months, I've learned that is a few and far between kind of quality. Incoherent babbling aside, I guess I just wanted to say thanks.

Tell your mom I said hello, and to send a few (thousand) chocolate chip cookies my way.

Happy Holidays.

Posted 21 December 2005. Entry title: "Just a hello".

A message written with letters clipped from magazines. It reads "You are not safe!" Posted 9 March 2006. Entry title: "Special delivery.".

A brown leather wallet on a table next to a mixture of crumpled cash and two partly-visible cards. One is a Virginia non-governmental ID card with a photograph of a mid-20s man. The first name, Thom, is visible, as is the customer number, 375-74-4834, but the birth date appears as 10-00-0300. Also partly visible is the corner of a business card for the Institute of Higher Aeronautics. There's a block of turquoise at the top of this card, and "Institute", the only visible text, is printed in white. Below, on the body of the card, a phone number has been written in blue ink, but all that's visible is (202) 5.

Posted 10 May 2006. Entry title: "Exhibit A!". (Refers to a post made the day before: "Fake ID Club".)

A Starbucks cup sitting on a table. Whipped cream and chocolate syrup overflow the top and drip down the side. On the side is printed the following message: The Way I See It #103. For all those parents who wonder, How do I get my kids to read? -- here's a simple, earthshaking notion: give them a book. For gosh sakes, give them a couple books. -- James Patterson. Author. His most recent novel is Beach Road.

Posted 30 May 2006. Entry title: "The dude is on my CUP.".

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