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Notes: I have edited audio transcripts to improve readability. In their original form, a lot of the scripts had phonetically-written accents, which I've removed.

This letter was emailed in by EndOfTheEarth. Thanks!

At a couple points, I've referred to this contemporary blog post written by MDW user DZMom. While I was still tracking down some images, her transcripts helped patch some holes in the narrative. I've chosen to keep them even after finding the images.

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One: Close-up of a box with a mailing label reading "Itex Worldwide". It is addressed to Elena M, Littleton, Colorado, 80126. Additional text: "Nicht Offnen!" [Do not open!]

Two: The same box from slightly further away, giving a better idea of its dimensions. It's large enough for letter-size paper.

Three: The interior of the box. The CDS, tapes, and papers have been removed, and the only things left inside are a small wooden box and an index card on the bottom of the cardboard box. A URL is faintly visible on the index card.

Four: The interior of the box, showing a mix of CDs, audio tapes, manila folders, and loose papers.

Five: Audio. Roland ter Borcht performs an autopsy. Filesize 1.3 MB. Transcript:

Autopsy report, subject gamma, dated twenty fifty July 1987, supervising doctor [static]. We have here the corpse of the experiment gamma. The fetus has aborted at approximately twenty-five weeks of gestation. The cause of this is immediately evident on examining the fetus - there is massive congenital defects that are obviously related to the genetic alterations [static] that the experiment's brain is highly malformed. In addition, we have not been able to collect CSF sample -- [static] this is revealed to be due to ventricle deformation. The brainstem is abnormally large comparative to human fetus, and the temporal lobe very much smaller. [static] The, um, the blood... the hematological profile is most interesting and we are seeing some side effects that we were not expecting. The foetal haemoglobin has odd form not seen in humans. The red cells are nucleated as in the avians - this does not appear to be result of abnormal or incomplete erythropoiesis, very few immature erythrocytes are seen. Less than one percent of cell are enucleated. The subject's bone marrow shows notable hypocellularity and... [static]

Six: A memo from the US Department of Justice, Federal Bureau of Investigation, dated December 12, 1988. It is addressed to Dr. Marian Janssen from Anne Walker, Unit Supervisor, Biomedical Research. Memo text:

To Dr. Marian Janssen,

In response to your query of Dec. 6, I do not think the United States government will have any concern about your construction plans for the Colorado Site. I guess that you'd have a little trouble understanding this, having lived under the shadow of the USSR for so long. No, the main thing that you would have to worry about is the biomedical equipment.

Then again, with all the money your company has been earning from those US patents, I am confident that getting the agents here to look the other way should not be a problem.

Seven: Audio. Ter Borcht interviews for a position as head geneticist at Itex. Filesize 11.8 MB. Transcript:

JANSSEN: Herr ter Borcht, wenn wir pachten Sie fuer der Posten, Sie wuerde viel Zeit in unserem englischsprachigen Liechtigheiten verbringen. Aufgrund Ihrer Erfahrung in der internationalen wissenschaftlichen Gemeinschaft, nehme ich Ihr Englisch ist zwechdienlich? [Mr. ter Borcht, if we hire you for this post, you will be spending a great deal of time at our English-speaking facilities. Given your experience in the international scientific community, I take it your English is acceptable?

TER BORCHT: Ja, good enough, Doctor Janssen.

JANSSEN: Excellent.

TER BORCHT: Before we begin, I would like to repeat mein thanks that you have considered me for such a high position. But why me? Surely you must have asked mein mentor Doctor Ableson or Professor Doctor Fuhrmann? After all, I will not even have my doctorate for another year.

JANSSEN: Doctors Abelson and Fuhrmann already have their lines of work, and the research that we do at Itexicon is more practical than theoretical. Speaking of practicality, I've been very impressed with your work on plant splicing, we here at Itex had actually been working on a way to halt the banana streak virus for years, and you solve the problem, with genomic revision, no less, in under two months.

TER BORCHT: I find that strange, Doctor Janssen, the studies of das banana streak virus that you speak of were completed very recently and will not be published for a month. How did you happen to hear of them?

JANSSEN: Through the head of your department, of course. We contract out some of our low level work to the life sciences branch to your employer, and I was quite surprised at the quality and sophistication of your work. It is obvious that you aren't being challenged enough though, it shows all over your work, little modifications that only turn up under a serious scan. Here at Itex, we're searching for that sort of aggression with genetics. If you work with us, we won't limit you to weeds an algae -- we can provide you with a real challenge. Would you perhaps be interested in projects that deal with large mammals? We have easy access to them, and positions in projects that will change the face of the entire planet.

TER BORCHT: Work on large mammals? Really? I don't know why you think I have value, but Mein Gott, that's the best offer that has ever been given to me. I accept!

JANSSEN: Excellent.

TER BORCHT: You were recording this?

JANSSEN: Oh yes, it's Itex policy.

Eight: A German memo dated May 1944. English transcript here, reproduced below:

From the office of the SS Hauptstuermfuehrer in Alsace

Written in Alsace the 3d of May 1944, at the address 2a Fritz Reuter Street. Telephone number 5323 - 69.


To the

Institute for Living, Scientific Staff

Attn. Dr. Janssen

Lendeheim SW 18

8 Prinz Albrecht Street.

Re.: Your work for the Reich

Comrade Janssen:

Thank you very much for the materials you sent to me. The new wartime restrictions have made it very difficult for me to secure sufficient materials for my work, and it was very kind of you to think of me when you are no doubt suffering due to the same restrictions. I trust you are all faring well in Lendeheim, and that the ongoing air raids are not keeping you from your work.

Mr. Todt was quite impressed with your results when I sent them to him, and he is negotiating with Mr. von Krosigk to arrange more funding for the Institute. Fritz agrees with me - your work at Lendeheim may be of great importance to the Reich. The longevity serum in particular has been met with great acclaim.

Hopefully this letter will reach you without too much delay. The post has been unreliable lately, and some of my letters have been failing to reach their destinations. I know that you will forgive me this, but I still must apologize.

With comradely feelings

August Hirt

Nine: An anatomical drawing of the muscles of the human back. It has been annotated in German.

Ten: Itex Worldwide internal memo, 1 March 1989. From Dr. R. ter Borcht to Dr. M Janssen. Subject line: Re: Updated Plans. This memo refers obliquely to the previous image. Memo text:

Thank you for your input however, I think it would be more advantageous to root the wings under the trapezius on each side of the spine. Please see the little illustration I've taken the liberty of faxing to your office.

Eleven: Audio. Ter Borcht complains about designing avian-human hybrids. Filesize 1.1 MB. Transcript:

I am a geneticist. Ge-ne-ti-cist. I was trained for the sake of knowing how genes work, how to use them to make new organism. But with the avian-human project, that is not enough.

The structure needs to be redesigned almost from the ground up. First, you need to redesign human back, nervous system arrangment, and muscles for the sake of supporting two more limbs. And then, you need a completely redesigned respiratory and circulation system to handle the problems of high altitude flights, and this must do this with the changes for the new limbs in mind.

And that is the easy part. I am a doctor and a geneticist. Nowhere in my studies did I need to approach aerospace engineering. Ja, I know how a bird works, but not why a bird works. And for the avian-humans, Doctor Janssen wants essentially human shape, and for the wings to be able to fold for concealment, so the easy ways of doing this are out.

I have written some letters to Doctor Gerard with Itex Aeronautics. Ideally, I will have some place to begin by next week.

Twelve: ter Borcht complains about designing the Erasers. Filesize 3.9 MB. Transcript:

And here I thought flight was difficult. In principle the design of the Erasers are very easy; after all, the humans and the wolves are both mammals, and I am only changing the preexisting limbs. The problem is with the shifting back and forth between Eraser and human shape. Doctor Janssen wants a quick chance. This cannot be done, not without huge drop in life expectancy. So, we have two options. In the first, we have slow-changing Erasers. In the second, we have quick-changing Erasers that need replacing once every five years. Ach du lieber himmel... I still think that the remote shock collars would be a better solution. But does anyone listen? Nein.

Thirteen: ter Borcht performs a check-up on Max. Transcript:

Supervising doctor Roland ter Borcht examining subject - what? Fine, ach, whatever. Avian-human hybrid, age is two years, female. Height, 87 centimeters. Wingspan - ah, ja, danke - wingspan 96 centimeters. This one appears in good development over last attempt, no problems with development thus far. It will be interesting to see if this continues when she hits puberty. All the wing joints and muscles appear to work properly, though I wonder if this will be if this will be [the case when they are in motion?]. The eyes. Open please - it's only a light. The eyes show proper evidence of the alterations for low-level lighting and distance. Deep breath. Well! I have never heard anything like that before. I can't wait for the MRI. But for now - open the mouth. Ja - the mouth? Aaaah. Ah. Interesting. There is indeed evidence at the back of the throat - the airway changes. The teeth are the same as ever, and - hmm. Well, this is odd. The tongue is altered slightly. Ja, I can see a difference in the arrangement of the blood vessels on the underside. I wonder if this is result of hybrid genetics or just - [scream] [thump] [slap] The vile mutant bit me! Sedate her - and turn the stupid thing off!

Fourteen: Material from the bonus materials for the second book. A clipping from the Washington Examiner, dated January 23, 1999. The byline is Erin A. Hogan. Headline: Roland Ter Borcht Celebrated By Peers for Medical Achievements at Black Tie Affair. Article text:

World renowned and controversial geneticist, Dr. Roland Ter Borcht was honored at a black tie, invitation-only event at the Kennedy Center in Downtown Washington yesterday.

A pioneer in his field, he spent the majority of his early career living in Europe as a botanist, developing his technique of genetic splicing in plants, later incorporating his methods into human experimentation, beginning with stem cells. Notorious for working alone in closed quarters, his medical journals have been both criticized and honored by the genetics community for his testing methodology. Frequently outspoken, Ter Borcht revealed to the audience that he was working on some of his best research yet, jokingly adding that he was looking for sponsorship. His longtime backer, Itex Corporation has had a powerful showing on the NASDAQ market this year. Ter Borcht, incidentally, is one of their biggest shareholders.

Fifteen: Itex Worldwide internal memo, dated 17 April 1998, addressed to Dr. J. Batchelder. Subject line: Re: Flight problems? It is signed Dr. R. ter Borcht. Memo text:

Dr. Batchelder, psychology is your specialty, genetics is mine. I had to consult no less than ten engineers from Itex Aerospace to make sure that these hybrids would fly, and they all assured me that my designs would work. Therefore I assure you, there is nothing wrong with the wing design. Perhaps the bird kids need a little more motivation. I have a wonderful electric cattle prod that I'd be willing to lend you, if you can't come up with a better idea.

Sixteen: The login page for a fake website. The text "TAE 100" appears in the lower right.

Seventeen: This text comes straight from the second book, but we used it anyway. Full text:

From Jason B. Poland's Controversial Figures in Modern Science (page 322)

Ter Borcht, Roland. Geneticist. Medical license revoked, 2001. Imprisoned for unauthorized criminal genetic experiments on humans, 2002. A controversial figure in the field of genetic research, ter Borcht was for many years considered a genius, and the leading researcher in human genetics. However, in 2002, after being found guilty of criminal human experiments, ter Borcht was declared insane. He is currently incarcerated in the "Dangerous-Incurable" wing of a rehabilitation facility in the Netherlands.

Eighteen: screencap of a fake website. Text:

If you are reading this than my package arrived successfully.
But that is only half the battle.
You must understand.

1.Doc 1
9.Acv2 (Time to unlock 108:53:34)
0.Go to Itexicon Homepage

>>Press a number to select

Nineteen: screencap of a fake website. The logos of the FBI, OIPC/ICPO Interpol, and Bundesministerium der Justiz appear above the text:

"Itexicon Homepage" has been shut down due to an ongoing criminal investigation.

Twenty: Itex Worldwide internal memo, undated. From Dr. Jeb Batchelder to Marian Janssen; copies sent to Roland ter Borcht and Anne Walker. Subject line: Training program. Memo text:

Dr. Janssen,

As I've been observing the group of them for over nine years, I consider myself a professional in the psychology of the members of avian-human group Delta. Compared to the Eraser groups that I've worked with, they have unmatched strength and intelligence.

On the other hand, I believe that the current regimen of testing is limiting the potential of these subjects. They aren't getting consistent physical freedom, their living conditions are abysmal, and they have yet to be subjected to a free-thought environment. The first time you send Delta on a mission, it won't be their lack of strength or intelligence that kills them; it will be their lack of autonomy.

In order to combat this, I have devised a different training system. The idea is that I take them to the retreat (the one that we reserve for staff parties) and give them two years of training- the same stuff we'd be giving them here anyway, and then leave them completely alone for a year or two. This will force them to learn autonomy, and they'd automatically organize into a power structure based on the Darwinian system.

I'm curious to hear your thoughts on the matter, and would be happy to elaborate on any questions you may have regarding the idea.

Twenty-one: An interview between Clarence Harmond from Interpol and ter Borcht. Filesize 5.2 MB. Transcript:

HARMOND: Good afternoon, Herr Doctor.

TER BORCHT: What do you want?

HARMOND: My name is Clarence Harmond, I'm with Interpol. If you can answer my questions, we can get you out of this institution in no time at all. Clean record, new start, all you need to do is answer my questions.

TER BORCHT: I know what questions you have in mind, and you know that I will answer none of them.

HARMOND: I need to ask them anyway. First, you worked with Itexicon Worldwide Incorporated.

TER BORCHT: Ja, you know that already.

HARMOND: Your paycheck lists you as head geneticist. What sort of work did you do with genetics?

TER BORCHT: You know this as well.

HARMOND: Human stem cells is one thing. I want to know if you were working on whole humans.

TER BORCHT: I will not answer that.

HARMOND: I'm trying to help you, Doctor ter Borcht.

TER BORCHT: I want no one's help.

HARMOND: Your siblings miss you. They wonder where you are.

TER BORCHT: Hah! Now they wonder where I am? They have no importance to me. I will tell you nothing.

HARMOND: It's going to be a long wait in this place if you don't.

TER BORCHT: We will see about that.

Twenty-two: Itex Worldwide internal memo, undated. From Dr. Riley Hamilton to Dr. Jenkins. Subject line: Super-Eraser. Memo text:

The guys down in R&D say they might have a short-term solution to your concerns regarding the Erasers. Apparently, the genes we put into them are also what's limiting them there are aspects of the preexisting human genome that were thrown out when constructing the Erasers back in '98. Now, we can't put those pieces back in without redesigning the whole Eraser (which would be hard enough anyway what with Dr. ter Borcht being... out) but we could graft them into a preexisting human without any such deletion. In fact, we predict a 120% increase, which should put the subject on a slightly higher level strength-wise with the avian humans.
Speaking of which, with Dr. Batchelder being out training group Delta, what's happening with his kid, Ari?

Twenty-three: Itex Worldwide internal memo, undated. Subject line: MEMO RE: ESCAPED SUBJECTS -- LEVEL 2 CLEARANCE AND ABOVE. Memo text:

All employees are requested to keep attentive and report any signs of the members of avian-hybrid group Delta, who escaped the Death Valley facility last Tuesday. As of the last tracking ping, the group was headed North and East. If you should happen to see the group, please contact Security immediately, making your location very clear.

--Robert Jenkins, Assistant to Worldwide Director

Twenty-four: Itex Worldwide internal memo, undated. From Kenneth Brown with the Itexicon Signaling Division to Jeb Batchelder. Memo text:

Dr. Batchelder,

I’m writing in response to your request for updates regarding the leader of avian-humans during the activation of the ‘‘Voice’’ Intra-cranial Data Transceiver.

The good news is that we’re getting a very clear receiving signal on this end… interesting thoughts for sure, lots of stuff about survival and the older male, it will be entertaining to go through later. Also, we’ve tested the receiver portion, sending her clips from a quiet microphone and she has had no negative reactions.
The bad news is that receipt of sample data packages sent by us are causing the subject severe headaches. Disguised Erasers have sent us back photographs of the subject completely incapacitated, and the cardio data that we’re getting from the tracer chip shows her to be approaching dangerous levels. I think that it would be wise to limit the data that we send to the subject to audio clips only, and avoid images if at all possible.


Kenneth Brown

Itexicon Signaling Division

Twenty-five: An email from the Institute for Higher Living, dated October 12, 2006. It is addressed to Dr. Marian Janssen from Dr. Hans Gunther-Hagen, IHL Board of Member Companies Co-chair. Email text:

Dr. Marian Janssen,

As you might expect, we are hugely frustrated with the fiasco that occurred at the Institute Building in New York last week. Thanks in part to your contact in the FBI, we've been able to brush aside the investigation.

Do not think, however, that we are happy with this development.

The contrary, there is a general air of disbelief among the members of the board, myself included, that Itexicon, one of our three largest partners, should have first manufactured a situation where such a large group of avian-human hybrids might escape direct observation and restraint. Why was the board not informed? We are then doubly concerned that the same group could wreak so much damage to our own facilities when you yourself had assured us that precautions had been taken to secure the lab space that had been granted to your company.

Naturally, we would be hesitant to drop such an esteemed organization as Itexicon from our ranks, but such a catastrophic action on your part cannot be left unpunished. Therefore the board has decided to declare Itexicon suspended from Institute resources until it has irrefutable evidence that it has all of its escaped experiments back under control. As I'm sure you must understand, Marion, we still have a great deal of confidence in you and your company, but such follies could put our chief goal into jeopardy.

Twenty-six: Itex Worldwide internal memo, undated. From Dr. Stark to Dr. Janssen. Memo text:

Dr. Janssen,

I am sorry to be pestering you about this again, but something must be done about Dr. Brauer. He clearly has gone completely out of his mind, wheeling himself about the facility in the Alps calling himself Herr Uber-Director. I understand that he was a close colleague of yours during the war, and that he's a major stockholder, but the orders he issues are completely irrational, half are completely against your own.

Please have a talk with him, or stash him somewhere more remote, so we can get our work done.

Twenty-seven: A screencap of the Institute for Higher Living site, on-site data cache 5531R. There's a text entry field in the middle of the screen, and below it the following text: A password of a registered staff member is required to proceed.

Twenty-eight: screencap of the Institute for Hihgher [sic] Living website. To access this page, Elena entered the password "XjnP7OHj4", which appears in the first book. Transcript:

Institute for Hihger [sic] Living

Welcome back, Dr. Edda Engels.

You have 2 new messages.

Last Access by Admin_4

Latest Activity: 8 Files Added
391 Files Removed


Note by Admin_1 to All Users
All files relating to members or projects associated with Itexicon Worldwide Inc. are to be purged IMMEDIATELY.
- -H.G-H.

Note by Admin_4 to Dr. Edda Engels
Obviously, you are not Dr. Engels. She was likely arrested at the Martinslijn facility.
The fact that you are reading this means that you are making excelent [sic] progress, getting closer to seeing what I’ve seen, knowing what I know, and being what I want you to be.
Don’t lose the flash drive. Everything should be clear to you in two weeks.

Twenty-nine: An audio file regarding the break-in at the Institute for Higher Living was intended to be posted this day.

Thirty: Audio log by an unnamed Itex employee. Filesize 6.3 MB. Transcript:

June 5th, Doctor Newfeld reporting on, well...

Well... oh, what a mess!

I mean, Roland ter Borcht is a brilliant geneticist but you'd think that he'd keep a clean desk. I had to spend the entire week trying to organize it and make sense of it all and find the important files on the avian-humans and erasers.

Even with what Doctor ter Borcht left, this isn't going to be easy. I mean, the Erasers aren't designed to fly. They just aren't. They're designed to be heavy muscle on the ground. Sadly, when it comes to chasing flying hybrids, heavy muscle on the ground gets you nowhere. So the gameplan is to take this data and see if we can enlarge the avian hybrid wings a bit and start growing them on our new Eraser batches. The estimates show that the new Erasers won't have the speed or turning radius of the original avian-humans, but their sheer inertia during combat should be an advantage.

Well, you can't have everything.

Thirty-one: A memo from the US Department of Justice, Federal Bureau of Investigation, dated April 11, 2005. Memo text:


I know that this is painfully shocking to you, but if you want to keep your assets here in the States, I need you to calm down immediately, and keep your mouth firmly shut.

Yes, it's been extremely obvious that the escaped subjects have been in contact with Hachette Book Group since mid-March, mainly through e-mail or payphone contacts. Frankly, I'm surprised that they were interested in listening to the pitch, doubly so that they stuck James Patterson on the story. Perhaps Subject 11 had to do with it?

I've done a quick browse through the book; fortunately 'the flock' seems mostly unaware of the big picture. Itexicon is not mentioned, the Institute for Higher Living is misidentified as being an Itex asset, and the California Facility is called only by its nickname, "The School." Beyond that, the only person this really affects is Jeb Batchelder, but he rarely ever spends time off of Itex property, so it shouldn't be a major concern.

Regardless, this book, Maximum Ride: The Angel Experiment, is being touted as a young adult novel. As far as I am aware, Mr. Patterson has no experience writing young adult novels, and I expect the book to flop accordingly. If we can keep quiet, the danger should dissipate on its own.

Thirty-two: A memo from the US Department of Justice, Federal Bureau of Investigation, dated October 14, 2005. It is addressed to Dr. Marian Janssen from Anne Walker, Unit Supervisor, Biomedical Research. Memo text:


You'll never believe who dropped into the local hospital yesterday. Apparently the Erasers are capable after all; the older male was severely injured in a fight and Maximum had to give him a blood transfusion. Samples collected by the hospital have been taken under investigation, but the bulk of them I have taken the liberty of sending to you.

It's a bit tough doing the cleanup work. The Agency's asking all kinds of questions about Mr. Batchelder and the California Facility, and I've done my best to deflect them-the hybrids are, bizarrely, also helping in this endeavor.

At the moment, I'm in the middle of making arrangements with an old friend of mine, a Mr. Pruitt, who runs a certain facility for observing underage suspects.

P.S. Is the dog supposed to be able to talk?

Thirty-three: A memo from the US Department of Justice, Federal Bureau of Investigation, dated October 29, 2005. To Ms. Anne Walker from William Pruitt, Unit Supervisor at the North Adams School (WPA Site 12). Memo text:

I can handle delinquent children. I can handle psychologically traumatized children. I can handle children with special physical requests.

What I cannot handle is when you dump six children that describe all three of the mentioned items on me at the same time. Two of them detonated an explosive-an EXPLOSIVE, Ms. Walker-on school grounds. I receive constant contempt from the oldest one, no respect for authority at all. The youngest one, the kindergartener, is practicing some sort of psychological warfare against her teacher.

I need you to help me. I have absolutely zero understanding of the background of these children, and classified or not, I can't do anything to help except install stricter consequences against their actions. I have already called in SOG-3 to patrol the hallways with taser guns, but I can't help feeling that it won't be enough, that there's a reason that this is the first time that I'm talking to someone from the BIOENGINEERING division about students.

So give me a hand. Or have me transferred. I have reached my breaking point.

Thirty-four: Audio. Ter Borcht returns to Itex from the mental institution. Filesize 7.1 MB. Transcript:

Ach, ist gut to be out of that idiotic institution. The food was terrible, and the personnel were completely inept... or acted like stupid people. Have you taken your medications, Herr Doctor? When was the last time you had bowel movement, Herr Doctor? Is there anything we can get you other than a computer, Herr Doctor? Ich werde diesem Ort abgerissen und die Mitarbeiter erschossen! [I will have that place demolished, and the employees shot!]

Now, where was I?

Ja, I have seen the plans for the Omega... ist sloppy, I had to spend my first weekend back with revisions, but it will work. With the growth acceleration, it will be ready before the presentation to the buyers.

I have concerns, though. This, ah, by-half program. It has benefits in theory, but in terms of execution, I have no clue how the director is going to pull this one off. You can't tailor a virus for occupation. You can't have successful nuclear war. You can't order the ridiculous robot Erasers to fly around the world shooting people like the robot in the Schwarzenegger movie. Well, ist not my problem.

One more thing. That idiot Batchelder allowed a group of the avian-humans to go out of control. Ah, well, they will all have to die.

Thirty-five: Itex Worldwide internal memo, 12 December 1989. From Dr. M. Janssen to Dr. R. ter Borcht. Subject line: Benign Mutations. Memo text:

I'm not sure what sort of game you think you're playing, Roland. Already we've identified three experimental subjects of your own design that have developed abilities that weren't on their original manifests. I'll grant that having Subject Beta able to spit concentrated acid at assailants may have a market down the line, but at this age it makes it impossible for her handlers to test her for the traits that we actually made her for.

Because these mutations have been useful ones, for the moment, I'm willing to sweep your on-the-side projects under the rug. This will be just between you and I. I must demand, however, that you build in a time delay of at least four or five years so we can get our preliminary testing done. Additionally, the first time one of these mutations kills off a subject, I'm shutting you down. These subjects are an expensive investment, after all.

Thirty-six: Audio. A conference call recorded in 2005. Filesize 4.6 MB. Full transcript here, reproduced below:

[Recorded conversation circa 30 November 2005]


JANSSEN: I'm sure we're all aware of the current security breach involving the avian hybrid group Delta, but I'd like you two to enlighten me on the exact circumstances of the breach.

ANNE: The avian hybrids had been in containment under my supervision, but on the morning of the 28th Maximum and the other four made an unexpected escape attempt from the North Adams facility.

JANSSEN: Were you unable to stop this attempt for some reason?

ANNE: Ma'am, I tried. Luckily, Eraser team Gamma was in the area. I anticipated that the avian hybrids would return to their prior containment area, and deployed the Eraser team to deal with them.

JANSSEN: What made you so sure they would come back?

ANNE: They left their dog behind.

JANSSEN: I see. Please continue.

ANNE: Well, in the meantime I notified Dr. Batchelder that I felt his presence would be needed to contain the avian hybrids.

JANSSEN: Why might that have been?

JEB: I had been staying in the area supervising team Gamma's actions in the field -- this was their first field exercise, and I felt that they needed a little guidance.

ANNE: I knew that he could be on scene if I needed him to be. Also, I knew that Dr. Batchelder had worked with the avian hybrids before, and that he had previously had success reducing the magnitude of any accidents they caused.

JANSSEN: All right.

ANNE: The avian hybrids arrived and retrieved their dog. The leader of the Eraser team requested permission to engage in aerial pursuit, but given the avian hybrids' reputation for great damage when allowed to remain airborne, I refused.

JANSSEN: I understand that Dr. Batchelder defused the situation at that point.

JEB: I attempted to.

JANSSEN: You failed?

JEB: With all due respect, ma'am. Given the unexpected arrival of the missing avian hybrid, Anne and I were forced to improvise.

JANSSEN: To what extent?

ANNE: We kept Maximum distracted. Without their leader the rest of the group is essentially helpless.

JEB: I had to subdue, ah, the leader of the Eraser team to keep him from causing unwanted damage to Maximum.

ANNE: So we had to enact protocol Omega-17. I'm sure you're familiar with it, ma'am.

JANSSEN: I wrote it. I see from your reports that you had minimal success.

JEB: Well, I wouldn't say that -- the purpose of protocol Omega-17 is to further complicate Maximum's worldview --

JANSSEN: Can you confirm that that happened, Dr. Batchelder?

JEB: Well, no, not yet.

JANSSEN: Then please wait until you have data to confirm your wild suppositions.

ANNE: Um, anyway, after that the avian hybrids continued on their way. The Eraser team had difficulty utilizing the new tranquilizer gun design, and furthermore I believe they were unprepared to deal with the amount of aerial prowess possessed by the avian hybrids.

JEB: At that point I concluded that incurring damage to Maximum was better than possibly sustaining a high-profile escape. I gave the Eraser team permission to engage in full-scale pursuit.

JANSSEN: And they failed.

JEB: Yes, they were unsuccessful in their objective. I believe it was due to --

JANSSEN: They failed, Dr. Batchelder. Which is why, from now on, the gloves are coming off in our treatment of avian hybrid group Delta. Dr. ter Borcht will be supervising the both of you from now on.

TER BORCHT: And as I am sure you are both aware, I am not a proponent of the soft touch when it comes to dealing with unruly mutants. You will control them or they will be terminated.

ANNE: Yes, sir. Containment team B5 has been deployed from our main American facility near Dade City. They should rendevous quite soon.

JANSSEN: Excellent work, Ms. Walker. Now. Future containment plans for the avian hybrids.

TER BORCHT: Containment? I would rather see them terminated. But I admit, there are certain advantages to keeping them alive for a while.

JANSSEN: Thank you for your input, doctor.

JEB: Well, containment in the Death Valley facility proved unsuccessful. The closest we've come to keeping them in sustained containment since then has been the Colorado arrangement.

TER BORCHT: That was improvisation. I believe we're looking for a more... long-term solution.

JEB: It would be long-term if we put them back into a long-term arrangement like that one. They're scheduled for expiration any time in the next few years.

TER BORCHT: But what happens if they escape containment again? Our resources are finite, Dr. Batchelder, and we cannot afford to continue recapturing them again and again.

ANNE: You won't have to. I'm sure we can afford to leave off testing on them in order to save ourselves the effort to repeatedly recapture them. If we leave them alone, they likely won't go anywhere.

JEB: And to ensure that they don't make any further attempts at escape, we can post a monitoring team nearby.

TER BORCHT: Yes, since that worked so well the last time.

JEB: They never noticed, only suspected. I would say it worked pretty well.

JANSSEN: Gentlemen...

ANNE: We can remotely monitor their location through the chips. That removes the necessity to pay for a monitoring team.

JEB: Sounds good to me.

JANSSEN: I'll put it into consideration. You two may consider yourselves under probation in the immediate future. Batchelder, I want you to immediately move to the Orlando office in case we have to put contingency plan F into practice. And watch your back -- any more unprofessional slips with the avian hybrids, and I will not hesitate to see you demoted to junior lab assistant in our Vancouver facility.

JEB: Yes ma'am.

JANSSEN: Good. All clear? Dismissed.

Thirty-seven: a screencap of the Itex Worldwide website, Emergency Off-Site Data Server 7. There is a text box with a prompt above it asking the user to enter their 4-letter code. Faintly visible below this text box is the following text:

The fact thaT you're reading this means you've tAken one giant step closer to survivinG till your next birthday.

Yes, you, sTanding there leAfing through pAges.

I've never done anyThinG like this, so I'm just going to jump in. And you try to keep up.

Thirty-eight: Another screencap of the Emergency Off-Site Data Server 7 page. Transcript by DZMom:


>System Breach Detected

>Scrambling investigation team

>>Enter abort code now


I assumed INTERPOL would try something like this.

Don’t worry, I know their abort code.

So do you.

The question is, have you been paying atttention [sic]?

- -Admin_4

Thirty-nine: a screencap of the Itex website. Transcript by DZMom:











You are almost there.

On this site I have assembled the final evidence of Itexicon's failure. Some of it you may have been told about. Some of it has been hidden from you by very important people, in the interest of halting worldwide panic. Even Maximum may not be aware of all the things I have to show you here. I wouldn't know. By the time you read this, I may not still be around to find out.

I have set up a program to unlock the ANSWERS for you on your next Friday. By then, you'll be ready.

- -Admin_4

Forty: Itex Worldwide internal memo, undated. Memo text:


To clarify. All hybrids that do not have a Confirmed-by-Director note are to be TERMINATED. No exceptions. Randomized reviews will be performed over the next three months to confirm that this order has been correctly followed.


Arrangements to ship hybrids with CBD notes to Lendeheim requires an 806 or 606 transfer form, which must be mailed no later than June 12.


Any sightings or information regarding the whereabouts of avian-hybrid group Delta must be reported to your unit supervisor IMMEDIATELY. Information that leads to the successful apprehension of the avian-humans will find the informants with a hefty bonus.

-- Robert Jenkins, Assistant to Worldwide Director

Forty-one: Itex Worldwide internal memo, undated. Transcript:


The Board of Directors has come to a final decision regarding the matter of avian hybrid group Delta: all six subjects are to be terminated on sight. There will be no reprieve from this decision.

Director of North American Affairs, Ms. Anne Walker, put forth much indisposable evidence to the fact that Delta has caused much more monetary and property damage to Itex and its affiliates than can be excused by any traits they possess. Doubtless this will be a setback to a few of our research teams; however, samples of nervous tissues will be made freely available after Delta group has been retired. Requests for samples of other tissue will be put into consideration, but please submit them through the proper channels.

-- Robert Jenkins, Assistant to Worldwide Director

Forty-two: A conversation between Max, ter Borcht, and Janssen. The text is based on a scene late in the third book. Filesize 6.3 MB. Transcript:

JANSSEN: Are you collecting the information you need?

TER BORCHT: I should think not!

JANSSEN: So I would guess they're not cooperating?

MAX: What do you think?

TER BORCHT: Does it look like they're cooperating?

JANSSEN: I told you I had much of this information, but I understood you wanted to interview them personally. Very well. What do you need to know?

TER BORCHT: Maximum flight speed - does it meet our projections?

JANSSEN: It more than meets them. Maximum has exceeded two hundred miles per hour flat-out, and upward of two hundred and sixty in a steep dive.

TER BORCHT: What is their highest recorded flight?

JANSSEN: They've been recorded at thirty-one thousand feet for short periods of time; oxygen consumption increased slightly, but not much beyond baseline. Normally they cruise at between fifteen to twenty-one thousand feet.

TER BORCHT: And their strength is up to expectations?

JANSSEN: Not quite. However, they've been observed carrying up to one-half of their own weight for indefinite periods of time.

TER BORCHT: Body-fat percentages?

JANSSEN: Low, just as projected.

MAX: Okay, this is stupid. There's no point in discussing this because there is no way we're going to be weapons for anyone.

JANSSEN: You'll do what we tell you. We'll find a way to motivate you.

MAX: We don't work cheap.

JANSSEN: That doesn't matter, Maximum. Your survival depends on your cooperation. Compensating you is up to our discretion.

TER BORCHT: There is no other way - they're as good as dead!

JANSSEN: You were designed for intelligence, Max.

MAX: And yet I still can't program my TiVo.

JANSSEN: Watch your mouth. Doctor ter Borcht is not the only one who wants you dead. Working for us is your only opportunity for survival. Remember that, Max - without us, you are dead.

Forty-three: Ter Borcht complains after meeting the flock. Filesize: 1.7 MB. Transcript:

Where do I begin?

Some experiments, they are without a single problem... this one, there are nearly as many problems as there are subjects.

For example, there is the second youngest female... the only thing worth nothing is a psychological complex; she cannot shut up, this isn't even a useful survival trait, there is still no good explanation as to why she has lived this long. Maybe stomach capacity? Nine Snickers bars? Ach.

Then there is the youngest male... he is half and half. On the one side, he has an impressive mimicking ability, and yet it is obvious that Doctor Scherman has failed completely in the digestive tract. Maybe we will learn something during the autopsy.

Is it even needed to talk about the blind one? There is nothing at all worth looking at! Again, there must be something missing, why do they live so long despite the defects.

And the other male... it is like a control group. Ja, he works, but there is nothing special.

As for the leader, Maximum, this is a train wreck already in progress. Multiple psychological complexes, dementia, even the tracking chip was faulty with this one. And she wouldn't even shut up during the interview, it's worse than the other female!

Ich ließ meine Mutter mich kleiden? Wie konnte sie es wagen, mich so reden! [I let my mother dress me? How dare she talk to me like that!]

There are at least two positives in this... the first is subject eleven, at least she has psionics... and sense, for that matter... and the second is that the others will be executed tomorrow morning... and short of getting hit in the head with a crowbar, I can't think of anything that would ruin that experience.

Forty-four: Itex Worldwide internal memo, undated. From Dr. Terrance Pike to Dr. Gerard. Subject line: Flight-Orientation Run Time Error. Memo text:

We've been running into a small problem with the new robot Erasers. They work well enough in flights, and their targeting computers are fine, but every time we have a simulation where the target banks away from an object at last second, the robot crashes into the ground when it should have had more than enough time to change direction and follow. When we brought up the flight records of some of the crashed robots, one of the last things on the log was "Flight-Orientation Run Time Error 8322." We aren't quite sure what this is, but at the time we're looking into options including target estimation subroutines, alterations to the E0-31 unit, changes to impact cushions, and reconsideration of the go/no-go program telling the bot to brace for crash landing.

Unfortunately, revised models won't be on the production lines until later this year. Your best bet would be to just send swarms of the old models at your target and hope for the best.

Forty-five: A TIME magazine cover, undated. There's a sticker on it that says "DELAYED DUE TO F.B.I. REQUEST". Cover image: a building in flames. Cover text:


Itexicon campuses worldwide attacked. Thousands of employees and protesters injured.

Itex affiliate in Brazil still aflame after teen firebombing


Mutant humans, armed androids, doomsday plot halted by adolescent mob

Forty-six: An undated newspaper article. Headline: Verdicts Reached on Itex Trials. Byline: Jason Fitzgerald. Article text:

The Hague, Netherlands--The International Criminal Court handed down a series of verdicts regarding key Itexicon personnel today.

Dr. Marian Janssen, former Director of Itexicon Worldwide Incorporated was found guilty of crimes against humanity, along with hundreds of other charges stretching as far back as 1944. This ruling overturned an extensive case by the defense to prove Dr. Janssen as suffering psychological effects from a supposed 'longevity serum' that she developed for Germany's National Socialist Party in the waning years of World War II. There has been no mention yet of intended punishment, but a general poll of interviewed observers was equally divided between life imprisonment and death. Upon hearing the verdict, Dr. Janssen leapt up from the defense table shouting, "You don't know what you're doing! You've doomed us all!"

Ms. Anne Walker, former associate director of Itexicon assets in the United States and former FBI Unit Supervisor of Biomedical Research was also found guilty of crimes against humanity; however her trial has been deferred to the United States Supreme Court, which will begin additional hearings next week.

Dr. Roland ter Borcht, head geneticist of Itexicon Worldwide Inc. was also found guilty of crimes against humanity, along with multiple severe violations of the medical laws of twelve countries. This also overturns a plea of insanity by the defense. The world security community is continuing to look into the validity of Dr. ter Borcht's statement during the trial yesterday, "Free me or hang me, a great change will soon be made to the human race. There is nothing that can be done to stop it." Major cities have been on high alert of a possible bioterror attack since the statement was made. So far, no other evidence of such an attack has been found.

Dr. Jeb Batchelder, a supervisor at the Itexicon Biomedical Research Facility in California was found not guilty after the presentation of evidence by defense of his involvement in releasing the group of avian-human hybrids that orchestrated Itex's downfall. In a comment after the trial, Dr. Batchelder remarked, "It makes me a bit happy to know that the governments of the world could forgive me. I only wish I could get such an honor from Max and the others." Maximum Ride, group-designated leader of the avian-human hybrids declined opportunities for commentary, as did "Fang," the guy behind the massive mobs of teens that attacked Itex sites across the globe two weeks ago. One of the avian-humans did comment, however, the girl "Nudge" who stated, "I think we're all happy that it's over, and we hope that the guilty people get what they deserve."

Forty-seven: ter Borcht has an idea about designing something better than Omega. Filesize 1.3 MB. Transcript:

I... have had an epiphany. The Director, she wants to redesign the human, make it stronger, smarter, and faster. But that is [unclear]. She wants all of it in the human shape, and the human appearance. But why, then, does that woman make the Erasers, or the avian-humans, and then abandon it?

I make an Omega prototype, as she asked, and it's only human. Ja, it is stronger, smarter, and faster, but better? Nein. It cannot fly, cannot claw or bite, better than a human. Does not even have creativity. In the short term, ja, it's useful. In the long term? It's pointless.

So. I have designed a better genetic formula, one that uses all that we have learned here at Itex. The subject will be perfect -- perfect soldier, fighting from the land and the sea and the clouds. Perfect thinker, able to think just as well as the Omega -- and the abilities of Subject Eleven. Perfect survivor.

Turns out that the genes of Maximum may have some use after all. I will show this to Doctor Janssen after the demonstration this evening. The Uber-world begins now.

Forty-eight: A screencap of the Itex website. Text:

One final question:

What must you do, Elena?

[An empty text box.]

80, 16, (PS L4), 33

1, 13, (P4 L2)

8, 18, 105, 15

Hint: 978-0316067969

Forty-nine: Ter Borcht's last audio log to Elena. Filesize 10 MB. Transcript:

My dearest Elena, you must listen very closely to what I must say.

When you opened the wooden box in the package, you released a concentrated airborne strain of retroviruses carrying the Omega-2 genetic strain. This means that you are the only living carrier of my greatest accomplishment.

I... have no clue how long it took you to puzzle your way to this recording. It is possible that the physical traits of the experiment are already manifesting. If it becomes too noticeable, the government will notice, and you will be locked up.

There is a reason for why I did this. There is something terrible that is going to happen, perhaps soon, and the survival of the human race depends on getting the Omega-2 over to people who know what to do with it.

I have provided instructions that will allow you to contact my old colleague, Doctor Hans Gunther-Hagen. He will know what to do, and he will help reverse the changes.

I wish we could have gotten to know each other better. Your mother was always such a kind person, but she didn't want you to have to know about me. I see why now, and it took six avian-humans to destroy me and my company to learn this. Ja, a genius who creates beings from bits and pieces of DNA is applauded... but it is the person who creates ties to others that is happiest in the end.

I am so, so sorry Elena, but with one exception, the survival of the human race is on your shoulders. And when this is over, I hope you will succeed where I have failed.

Your uncle, Doctor Roland ter Borcht.

Good luck.

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