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This section contains only content I'm confident we used in the ARG. Other content we created has been moved. I've omitted some files I wasn't able to find.

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Roland ter Borcht performs an autopsy. Filesize 1.3 MB.

ter Borcht interviews for a position as head geneticist at Itex. Filesize 11.8 MB.

 (Read the English transcript here.)


ter Borcht complains about designing avian-human hybrids. Filesize 1.1 MB.

ter Borcht complains about designing the Erasers. Filesize 3.9 MB.

ter Borcht performs a check-up on Max. Filesize 8.1 MB.

An interview between Clarence Harmond from Interpol and ter Borcht. Filesize 5.2 MB.

Audio log by an Itex employee. Filesize 6.3 MB.

An audio file regarding the break-in at the Institute for Higher Living was intended to be posted this day.

Ter Borcht returns to Itex from the mental institution. Filesize 7.1 MB.

A conference call recorded in 2005. Filesize 4.63 MB.

A conversation between Max, ter Borcht, and Janssen. The text is based on a scene late in the third book. Filesize 6.3 MB.

Ter Borcht complains after meeting the flock. Filesize: 1.7 MB.

ter Borcht has an idea about designing something better than Omega. Filesize 1.3 MB.

Ter Borcht's last audio log to Elena. Filesize 10 MB.

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