Marketing Maximum Ride

A lot of effort went into marketing Maximum Ride books, from television ads to writing contests.

AIM chatbot - FlyingFang2005 [add sample chatlog]

There was a toll-free number you could call to leave a brief message on one of three topics: “if I could fly”; “favorite character”; “special power”. Some of the messages left on the toll-free line were chosen to appear in this soundboard. If you have a Flash emulator like Ruffle, the soundboard even still works!

Fang's Blog

Extra content in some editions of the books: The Angel Experiment had some "blog entries"; School's Out -- Forever had some stuff about Itex. FANG blog entries.

wingkidsarereal mentioned on the blog

Promotional soundtrack for School's Out -- Forever

"Make yourself a birdkid" Flash toy

This "stolen" video

television commercials

magazine ads

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Last edit: 16 September 2021.