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This site existed from 20 November 2008 to early 2013. It was technically dedicated to three of James Patterson's YA book series: besides Maximum Ride, it also covered The Dangerous Days of Daniel X and Witch and Wizard. The URL change was associated with the release of this last series.

Though it functioned as an "official site" in some ways -- it was the home of Fang's Blog between 2008 and 2013, and also hosted official contests -- most activity on MX / MDW was conducted by fans, so I've chosen to discuss it here rather than on the page for official sites.

Before getting started, I think it's important to note MX / MDW's unusual structure: it is best described as a hybrid of a social network and traditional forum. Userpages were highly customizable (think MySpace), and users were able to create blog posts of their own. In addition, users could create groups, which had their own front pages and miniature forums. Both userpages and groups could be made private -- accessible only to friends or group members -- but forum threads were accessible to all users.

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