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This forum existed from early 2008 to early 2009. The community was primarily UK-centric, but there were a lot of American members because it was the only official forum that existed in the early part of 2008. This was the least populous of the official forums.

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I've selected some interesting threads and pages, which are linked below. They're sorted by subforum of origin, and within that, by posting date.

Forum FAQ [28 April 2009].

Forum index [30 April 2009].

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Forum Announcements

Forum Announcements category index [8 December 2008].

Moderators Needed

Moderators Needed directory [27 February 2009].

"Forum Moderators" by admin. First post 11 April 2008. Excerpt:

We're looking for a handful of people to help us moderate this forum and several of you have already expressed an interest in being involved.

We also know that many of you are keen to have a number of different sections/topics added to the forum, so we'd like to get a general idea of what these are and help make this a better place to be.

"Your moderators are..." by admin. First post 27 June 2008. Excerpt:

Thank again to all of you who expressed an interest in moderating these forums.

The Moderators have now been chosen and are as follows:



Congratulations to both.

There will undoubtedly be an opportunity in the future for further moderators, so if you don't worry if you weren't chosen this time...


"Forum Etiquette" by admin. First post 3 April 2008. Excerpt:

Hi everyone,

Welcome to the official Maximum Ride and Dangerous Days of Daniel X Forum

Here follows a few ground rules for people using the forum.

First and foremost, we want this forum to be a place where fans of the books can meet in a safe and friendly environment. To ensure that this happens, we need to ensure that it is kept free from any comments/language that may be deemed as offensive or derogatory to others.

Any member posting such comments will be warned and possibly banned. If you meet resistance from others, please do not retaliate. By retaliating, you also risk being banned. We want this forum to work and to be a success as much as you do and we will be monitoring the forum to see what members want so that those who use the forum as it is intended to be used will get the most out of it.

Please treat the forum and fellow members with the respect they deserve.

Thank you

Forum Admin.

FORUM ETIQUETTE - PLEASE READ directory [28 February 2009].

Maximum Ride

Maximum Ride category index [8 December 2008].

General Maximum Ride Discussion Forum

"Ari?" by IWillFly. First post 4 April 2008. Excerpt:

Does anyone else miss Ari? I do, and felt there wasn't a need to kill him off. Why couldn't Max have been SuperGirl and saved him? Or Jeb? Something to stop his experation.

General Maximum Ride Discussion Forum directory [7 April 2008].

General Maximum Ride Discussion Forum directory [13 June 2008].

"If You Also Read Twilight.." by darole808. First post 15 June 2008. Excerpt:

Hey Question if THe CULLENS and The Flock Were To Fight Who Do You THink Would Win ANd Why????
it just always got to me what would happen.. hmmm
Or Maybe If They Join Forces!! COOOL!! hahah
okay Whats your opinion?!!!

"We have to do something." [page 10]. Posted 21 August 2008. Excerpt:

You could mail him the banner. Unless someone already has. (Hey I only just noticed this thread!). I reckon it would be could to get honest opinions, because sometimes the papers and that write complete and utter trash. Also Water Wings? wtf? what kind of name is that?

General Maximum Ride Discussion Forum directory [8 December 2008].

General Maximum Ride Discussion Forum directory [27 February 2009].


The Final Warning

"Favorite Quotes" by riotkitty. First post 6 April 2008. Excerpt:

We had this for MR3 on the old boards so yeah.
I haven't read MR4 yet so I have none.
I'm mostly starting this because I want spoilers, no matter how small they may be.

The Final Warning directory [7 April 2008].

"MR4 Cover" by maxride. First post 16 June 2008. Excerpt:

Oh come on. Seriously, the cover is designed to catch a new reader's eye & sell more books. It doesn't necessarily relate to the actual story. You've picked up on a few good points, but really, as long as the book's good, the cover isn't that important in my opinion.

However. The book wasn't that great tbh, so the cover just brings the book down a bit more. Shame...

"Better or Worse??" by Kilania. First post 21 June 2008. Excerpt:

I really didn't like the final warning. It was just. . . boring.

The Final Warning directory [27 February 2009].

Saving The World and Other Extreme Sports

"Goshawks!!! :D" by Pilgrim. First post 3 April 2008. Excerpt:

A powerful raptor of northern forests, the Northern Goshawk is the largest North American accipiter. It maneuvers through dense woods, taking prey as small as squirrels and as large as grouse, crows, and snowshoe hare.

Saving The World and Other Extreme Sports directory [7 April 2008].

"Max or Fang?" [page 2]. Posted 16 May 2008. Excerpt:

I would choose Fang because he uses mroe logic to make decisions. Sure Fang was being stupid, but if was going to happen, and there was no stopping it, I would choose him.

"what's the best fang quote?" [page 2]. Posted 21 August 2008. Excerpt:

where is that line anyway? i can never remember

oh and its not what he says but "hes a snazy dresser. you have to give him that" or something like that.

Saving The World and Other Extreme Sports directory [1 March 2009].

School's Out Forever

"Teh School of Hawkzorz" by Pilgrim. First post 3 April 2008. Excerpt:

Well, come on. When you're stuck at a raptor center and all you have is the option to break free, a bunch of raptor journals and the Internet, that really messes up your head, you know? *eats someone's fingers*

School's Out Forever directory [7 April 2008].

"Headhunter who is he??? please no spoilers! im not done yet." by penguinsrocmyworld. First post 10 June 2008. Excerpt:

Mmmm as if the Erasers weren't enough for Max and her crew they have to deal with school. Thanks Anne. In school theres that Headhunter with that english accent for them to worry about now. who is he really?

School's Out Forever directory [28 February 2009].

The Angel Experiment

"A reading book for Literature!" by Shadowolf. First post 28 August 2008. Excerpt:

Just found out that I am going to be reading this for literature in school! Bit exciting, but since I have read it ten times it could be boring, although Max Ride one never gets boring.

"The best book of the series" by Hawk Blade. First post 5 April 2008. Additional capture 16 September 2008. Excerpt:

Agreed. Partly because, way back then, we were still naive and though that the plot points that were being made would actually be developed at some future point.

The Angel Experiment directory [7 April 2008].

"NEw Comic Book!!" by darole808. First post 14 June 2008. Excerpt:

Okay I heard or rewad online that theres going to or already there is a Comic boook about MAXIMUM RIDE!!! ANyone know any information about any of this.. i really wanna read it!! lol anyways umm just Message me if anynews about MAximum ride.

The Angel Experiment directory [1 March 2009].

Maximum Ride - The Film

"Dream Cast" by ethereal.wings. First post 4 April 2008. Excerpt:

If you could go around and pick anyone at all to play the characters in the series, who would be in your dream cast?

*will add in my opinion later*

Maximum Ride - The Film directory [7 April 2008].

"Does anyone know if there is going to be a 5th book?" [page 2]. Posted 16 May 2008. Excerpt:

I hear that Amazon already have the details on the 5th book & that it will be released March 16th 2009. I think there's a link on another forum.

"is fang or max older?" by pwnfied. First post 24 August 2008. Excerpt:

hey, in the final warning it says Fang seems older than Max. but is Max or Fang older?

Tell me wut u think.

Maximum Ride - The Film directory [27 February 2009].

Fan Reviews

Fan Reviews directory [1 March 2009].

The Dangerous Days of Daniel X

The Dangerous Days of Daniel X category index [8 December 2008].

Daniel X Website

"Does anyone care about this?" by Gentleman. First post 15 September 2008. Excerpt:

I was just wondering...

I don't know what it's about, but this section of the forum seems only here to advertise subliminally...

Daniel X Website directory [8 December 2008].

So who is Daniel X?

"Meet Daniel X ... Alien Hunter" by admin. First post 1 April 2008. Excerpt:

Daniel X works alone. Having watched from the shadows as the brutal murder of his own parents unfolded before him, he has been forced to make his own way in a dark and unforgiving world with a heavy task handed to him.

Daniel’s father was an alien hunter, working his way through a fearsome ‘wanted’ list of aliens intent on seeking control and wreaking devastation. But as he planned his next target, his own time was running out. Following his parents’ sudden deaths, Daniel faced an uncertain future: he knew little about his family nor where he came from but a few things were clear, he had inherited the list from his father and a unique ability to create anything that he needs including some very devoted friends to help him along the way.

His life has become dedicated to the mission. Every day has been transformed into a terrifying hunt, watching each step he takes for danger awaits around every corner and lurks within the shadows. His ultimate aim is to exact revenge against number 1 on his list: his parents’ murderer. But first he must target the others: each more sinister and gruesome than the last.

So who is Daniel X? directory [7 April 2008].

"The Dangerous Days of Maximum Ride...Sorry, Daniel X" by Maiyri. First post 29 May 2008. Excerpt:

I love your laughing, it makes me laugh and then cough because of my allergies. I love making fun of books that are obviously going to be bad. And if it's not, whatever, we'll take it back and move on.

I hate aliens.

"Daniel X?" by Kilania. First post 20 June 2008. Excerpt:

Could someone tell me the freaking story behind this kid?! I mean seriously!Leave me a message!!!

So who is Daniel X? directory [27 February 2009].

Fan Reviews

Fan Reviews directory [1 March 2009].

Daniel X - The Film

"There's Gonna Be A Movie?!" [page 2]. Posted 19 August 2008. Excerpt:

You can't go wrong with a good bit of animation. Google 'Appleseed' and see what I mean. (It's clean)

Daniel X - The Film directory [8 December 2008].

Daniel X - The Film directory [28 February 2009].


Role-playing category index [8 December 2008].


"FireFly (Please Join)" [page 18]. Posted 26 August 2008. Excerpt:

"Dont worry Mag were about to solve that!" Intercom "Could everyone please come to the docking bay. Thank you."

Role-playing directory [8 December 2008].

Role-playing directory [1 March 2009].

User Written Content

User Written Content forum index [8 December 2008].

Fan Fiction

"The E-Shaped House" by maximumride003. First post 19 August 2008. Excerpt:

Someone picked me up and I didn't fight. I got hurt more when I fought. They got mad. I kept my eyes closed as the whitecoat brought me back to my cage and threw me in. He locked it and left, and I just laid there, crying again. I didn't like them. Not at all. Finally all my tears were gone and I opened my eyes again. Two other kids looked at me from their own cages. They were both my age. One was a girl, with blond hair and brown eyes. The other was a boy like me, but he had dark hair and eyes. My hair was blond. The boy also had burn marks.

Fan Fiction directory [8 December 2008].

Fan Fiction directory [28 February 2009].


"im new :D" by iggylover. First post 25 August 2008. Excerpt:

hi, im new but ive read all 4 books and loved them all

can some one please talk to me and help me learn about this foram?

Introductions directory [8 December 2008].

Introductions directory [28 February 2009].

General Discussions

General Discussions category index [8 December 2008].

Non-Max Ride Talk

"test tube babies!" [page 2]. Posted 6 April 2008. Excerpt:


now thats not just sick and wrong, thats wrongsick

Non-Max Ride Talk directory [7 April 2008].

Non-Max Ride Talk directory [13 June 2008].

"AAAAAAHHH!!!!" by xx Mizz Shy...Not!!!! xx. First post 15 June 2008. Excerpt:

Um... da uvvah day i wos just talkin to mah friends in chelmsford (Props!) when some random person came up to me and punched me on the arm of course i instantly initiated fight or flight (thanks max) and began the questioning. It turned out she was my ex-girlfriends sister and that this was the bay back i deserved WHAAAAT! she dumped ME! someones been tellin porkies! discuss.

"Posts = Views." [page 64]. Posted 27 August 2008. Excerpt:

Eating chicken.
Watching Shortland Street.

Non-Max Ride Talk directory [8 December 2008].

Non-Max Ride Talk directory [28 February 2009].


"What are you listening to right now?" [page 29]. Posted 26 August 2008. Excerpt:

Once again, The Kill by 30 seconds to Mars.

Music directory [8 December 2008].

Music directory [27 February 2009].


"PROTEST HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL AND CAMP ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" by maxride&danielxgod. First post 26 August 2008. Excerpt:

I hnate both. the are the worst

Films directory [8 December 2008].

Films directory [28 February 2009].


"What book are you reading?" [page 6]. Posted 24 August 2008. Excerpt:

Is it just me, or did Oz suddenly age?

Because in WtWB, they said he was around seven, and I'm pretty sure they said something about Icarus being older and closer to Max's age. And now in TLH, Oz is second-oldest and they keep on saying how handsome he is (which seems like a weird thing to say about a seven-year-old).

Books directory [8 December 2008].

Books directory [1 March 2009].


Games directory [8 December 2008].

Games directory [28 February 2009].

James Patterson

James Patterson category index [8 December 2008].

James Patterson Discussion Forum

"Favourite James Patterson Maximum Ride book" by admin. First post 1 April 2008. Excerpt:

Wouldn't it make more sense to put this in the General MR discussion forum?

I liked the Angel Experiment best. It was so fast moving and the idea was new, back then...

James Patterson Discussion Forum directory [7 April 2008].

"When the Wind Blows/The Lake House" [page 2]. Posted 7 April 2008. Excerpt:

How dare you interrupt our spirited discussion with... facts!

Just kidding, thanks I think a couple people did say something like that.

James Patterson Discussion Forum directory [1 March 2009].

Feedback & Support

Feedback & Support category index [8 December 2008].

Forum Rules

"Forum Rules" [page 2]. Posted 3 April 2008. Excerpt:

The old MR was so much better...
less rules
this one has to many rules
to many stupid rules at that

"Moderators" [page 3]. Posted 6 April 2008. Excerpt:

So they are just gonna randomly choose a moderator, off of number of posts!!! I'm a little scared.

Forum Rules directory [7 April 2008].

"How do I get pictures in the signature?" by sorahane93. First post 11 July 2008. Excerpt:

Do I need the URL? Because, obviously, pasting my picture in "signatures" doesn't seem to be working.

Forum Rules directory [8 December 2008].

Forum Rules directory [1 March 2009].

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