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Category: Maximum Ride

General Discussion: Maximum Ride

"Underground..." by seven. First post 18 April 2005. Excerpt:

I don't know why, but i was fascinated by the subway tunnel scenes and the sewer scenes in Maximum Ride. Are there really people who live in the subway tunnels? And do you think that the sewers underneath New York City really look as they were descibed in the book? The description reminded me of the sewers that the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles lived in, and they were mutants too, wierd.

Let me know what you think
or better yet, what you know.

"What happened to the experints freed from the Institute" by DeeB. First post 21 April 2005. Excerpt:

Seeing as to how most of them were semi-dead ... I think a couple will be back later and the leader of the group (Bird-Girl) will turn out to become Max's sister ...


"jp = fang's blog" by The Woobie. First post 21 April 2005. Excerpt:

I'm sure JP visits. Doubt that he posts Fang's blog but he probably offers up some ideas about what to post to the person to does. I'm sure he wouldn't want the person going off on a tangent as Fang and messing some canon stuff up for him.

"Powers" [page 2]. Posted 22 April 2005. Excerpt:

Angel will kind of be her voice of reason i think when it comes to the voice. She'll be the one to help Max decide on what to do.

"The dog ..." [page 2]. Posted 23 April 2005. Excerpt:

or maybe he has some of angles DNA in him and thats why she liked him so much, and he can do every thing she can and will help the flock

or may be the dogs an alein and will try and take over the world and max will have to stop him

or maybe i have an over active imagination

"Becoming part of the story?" [page 4]. Posted 23 April 2005. Excerpt:

Actually, I don't think she had a name...

And Emil is the name of WebAngel, the mod/admin of the board (click on his profile, then his ICQ, it says so)

"Chip=antischool??" by Feathers. First post 23 April 2005. Excerpt:

what if there was an antischool thing that was in a screte war with the school and was using jeb as a double agenent and put the chip in her (which i think makes the voice) and is telling her to save the world(which means stop the school) and helps the flock with the chip but has been hurt by the schools eraesers to much to offer much real help?????????????????????

(you guys should be used to my random ideas by now) maybe i should write some fan fiction........

"you should be used to these by now.........." by Feathers. First post 24 April 2005. Excerpt:

OK what if the school is at war with the institute and the institute will help the flock and the chip is from the institute and jeb was a double agent for them and thats why he was good (kind of like my other idea) and the institute needs there help to save the world against the school and just had those experiments because they had stolen them from the school and were trying to cure them.

"new blog entry" [page 2]. Posted 26 April 2005. Excerpt:

Actually, no! The next book will be out later this year (FALL 2005!!)

"Please read before posting a new topic!" by Mutant_girl. Posted 26 April 2005. Excerpt:

Hey everyone!

WebAngel and myself have made up a FAQ page that should answer most questions out there! So please read it before posting a new topic!

It'd be nice to cut back on the number of topics about the same question (the main one being about the 'discrepancy' between MaxRide and When the Wind Blows and The Lake House).

Please check it out here.

(if this could be stickied, it would be much appreciated!!)

"Max and her babies" [page 2]. Posted 26 April 2005. Excerpt:

Hopefully this will all be cleared up soon. WebAngel and I have been working on a FAQ, and it should be posted sometime in the next few days

"Announcing: Maximum Ride iTunes Contest" by WebAngel. First post 3 May 2005. Excerpt:

Ok, flock, we've been trying to think of a fun contest we could run here on to help get some of the folks who read the board but who have not registered to register. With that in mind:

We're giving away a $50 iTunes Music Store gift card EVERY WEEK to one lucky REGISTERED member of

"I found the institutes website(Progress:None)" by The Nights Wing. First post 20 June 2005. Additional capture 6 November 2005. Excerpt:
I can't get in though

" The Angel Experiment: What it means" by Foxfire02. First post 2 July 2005. Excerpt:

What exactly does the title mean? The Angel Experiment could mean the girl Angel or the flock in general. (seeing as they have wings, they could be considered angels.)
The scientists did capture just Angel and experimented on her, but before that all of the flock were at the school. The title could mean all of them instead of just Angel. James Patterson probably made the title like that on purpose...

"Would it be cool?" by Raven. First post 6 August 2005. Excerpt:

Does any one think it would be cool if you could be geneticly enginered minus the whole bad treatment, short life, living on the run, and always being chased?

"Fear for the flock!" by Oracle. First post 17 August 2005. Excerpt:

Now I"ve got nothing against no one, but I've got suspisions about Angel and her time in the School. In the book I noticed how Angel was only coherent in the School not a whole lot of the time. In fact, the only time I think she remembers is when she was being tortured and talked about like a thing. *scientists....grrrr* When she was finally rescued, afterwards she was, well, different. Example: how she pulled off getting Celeste. [b]Hello[/b], according to Max this is a totally new hobbie for Angel. Useful, and ingenious as hell, but still wrong. There are other times in the book where Angel acts stangely, and Max notices them all. I wonder... what if while in the School those scientists did something to her. Jeb could have even done it, the lying, sneaky, goose that he is. I worry for our beloved flock, Angel included. [b]THIS MUST BE RESOLVED, OR I WILL GO INSANE WITH WORRY. HELP!!![/b]

"Max Ride #2" by Aliana Ride. First post 30 August 2005. Excerpt:

I been hearing rumors that the sequel to The Angel Experiment will be called Maximum Ride: School's Out Forever. Is it true? Has anyone else heard about this?

General Discussion: Assorted Topics

"JBoy - Please read this... Come on buddy." by Kite. Posted 15 August 2005. Content warning: this post discusses suicide.

Fang's Blog

"I wanna talk to the bloggers!" by _Orrorin_. First post 9 August 2005. Excerpt:

I wanna talk to the bloggers!

Especially whoever nudge is

"Fang Bot" by princess1011992. First post 27 August 2005. Excerpt:

Hey, i was just wondering if anyone had used the Fang Bot feature on the site before, and if so, what did you guys think of it?

Maximum Ride: The Soundtrack

Fan Fiction

"A Little Birdy Told Me" by Coralyn. First post 29 April 2005. Excerpt:

I am fifteen. I have wings. I can fly.

Don’t put down this book. Don’t leave it shoved between Websters Dictionary and your Computers for Dummy’s book and forget all about it. Don’t go and check yourself into an insane asylum.

You’ll regret it.

"Starting Over- MR" by TheBooksRock. First post 15 May 2005. Excerpt:

They had been flying for about an hour and the whole flight had been silent. I guess the rest of the flock is thinking about what's waiting for them in Washington D.C. I know i need to be strong for the flock, but i can't help but wonder why nothing about me is in that file. I am also just hoping this isn't a set up and that all the information we have is real, i don't think i can bear to left the flock be let down again. They have already been through so much during their lives. "Max! Hello?" Nudges voice brought me back.

"Human At Heart" by Jadejewl. First post 8 June 2005. Excerpt:

To the League of Higher Living,

I understand that your establishment is not as appreciated or well-funded as your sister establishments, the Institute of Higher Living and the School of Higher Living. In view of your excellent work with the limited funds and test subjects which you have, I am willing to aid your research in any way I can. As a token of my great esteem for your work I am donating a sum of 1000 dollars to the League. I hope it will do for now. Also, since your organization has few such things available to experiment on, I am donating an item for your use. Her name is Kayta.


A Friend

"The New Angels-Not Official Title Yet" by The Nights Wing. First post 16 June 2005. Excerpt:

CHAPTER 1 "We need more experiments," Jeb Batchelder said, looking around the conference room. One of the other scientists looked surprised. "I thought we needed to find the flock," he said, anxiously. Jeb shook his head. "We need more experiments," he repeated, "More bird kids..."

"Maximum Ride: Experiment Encounters" by Immeritus_Noxnoctis. First post 21 June 2005. This fic was later rewritten and posted on as "Legacy of the Guardians". Excerpt:


The Institute for Higher Living, Lower System, New York

Jeb Batchelder, Captain of the Life Team, Lead Director for the Higher Living, emotionless leader in what he himself knew was a sick and twisted game of life, currently stood motionless. Head still turned in the direction of his wonderful Max’s voice, he simply stood helplessly.

"RPs have their OWN forum now ;-)" by Pasty. First post 22 June 2005. Excerpt:

Hey, all.

After popular demand, some new forums have sprung up, including your very own Role Playing forum! I am moving all old RPs there so that they can move into their new home.

Please find those posts there!

If you spot any I missed, please let me know so I can move those, too!


"A Fear" by starrynights. First post 21 July 2005. Additional capture 6 November 2005. Excerpt:

There is something wrong was the first thought in her head. He was late again the clock next to her bedside changed to 1:01 A.M. She turned off the television and decided to get some sleep. Phoebe rarely saw her husband since they were married. He was always staying at work to work on something. He would never call either to tell her why or how long he was staying at work. She sighed and stared at the ceiling just letting her thoughts flow through her mind.

"Iggy/Fang Vignette" by Hawkmoth. First post 2 August 2005. This fic was also posted on as "Belt Loops", but was later deleted [mirror]. Excerpt:

His hands love the reassuring curl of belt-loops, along with many other things. Alone, he can hook his thumbs into his own loops, or waistband, or pockets, striding with his shoulders thrown back and his spine curling outward. With the others, he can reach down, find a loop or waistband of theirs, and walk after them safely.

"Abandoned" by wicked_wings. First post 4 August 2005. Excerpt:

"I never meant to by so cold to you I'm sorry 'bout all the lies,
Maybe in a different light,
You can see me stand on my own again....."

Ari grunted as he lifted a 70-Pound dumbell over his head with one hand. Persperation covered his dark brow, his eyes were squeezed tight from the effort.

"Ozymandias POV Fic --- Origins" by _maxymandias_. First post 16 August 2005. Excerpt:

Origins - Chapter 1

Hatred fills me to the depths of my soul, if there's really a soul there at all. Sometimes I just think all I consist of is the hatred, and the fear. Fearing the unknown, despising those that have created it. My rage consumes me, tears me apart inside. Fills my head with terrible thoughts I don't dare share with anyone. Not even Max, the one light in this abyss.

"No Day But Today" by Oz's Clone. First post 17 August 2005. Excerpt:

The sun was rising. James was getting ready for the long day ahead. He and his flock from the Instillation located in Los Angeles. They wern't part bird or hawk or things like that. They were grafted with Owl DNA instead. They didn't like to be out durring the day.

"Summer Rain" by Hawkmoth. First post 20 August 2005. Excerpt:

Rain-clouds aren’t hard to spot from above, where they’re illuminated by the ever-present sun. They’re not dark, grey, or angry looking-just larger, building. Spires of cumulus reach upward, trying to dispel the moisture, but there’s no cure for the condensation like release.

"Alys Story" by wings42992. First post 30 August 2005. Excerpt:

Hi my name is Aly, I'm 14,I have light brown hair and light green eyes.oh yeah my wings, there white with yellow tips. I was created by scientist mostly called whitecoats. I grew up in a place called The School where the whitecoats graft animal DNA into human babys and run tests and do a sorts of stuff to them but very few of them survive. I am one of the expeiments who did survive, some of the others are called Erasers they look mostly human but they can change into wolf like creatures at will.

Fan Fiction forum directory [6 November 2005].

"Images in signature! (READ ME!)" by pasty. First post 22 May 2006. Excerpt:

Okay, guys. Here's the scoop:

Signature length has been upped to 500 characters.

The images you've been posting in there HAVE to come down in size, though! Some of you have billboards going on!

New size limit is 800 x 500 (800 pixels for width, 500 pixels height).

If your banner is any larger than this, we will have to take it down, cause it's needlessly eating up bandwith AND is stretching out the page.




Fan Fiction forum directory [18 June 2006].

Role Playing

"Montar El Viento: Riding the Wind" by WingedProtector. First post 7 July 2005. Excerpt:

RP, anyone can join....

My char:

Name: Zezilia aka Zez (I like exotic names, sorry *sheepish grin*)

Age: 15

Height: 5' 6"

Hair: Coarse, black, shoulder-length

Eyes: Dark purple

Build: Broad shouldered, moderatly tall, lean

Wings: Black, purple streaks

Powers: Force fields, clairvoyance

Personality: Stubborn, sarcastic, brooding, angry

Other information: Is hispanic, lives in Los Angeles, and speaks fluent Spanish. She is part of a gang at the moment, has tattoos of three tears on the corner of her right eye.

"Rimshot Hell" by Plymoth45. First post 15 August 2005. Excerpt:

Location: Experimental Futureistic City
Date: May 8, 2525 (in the year 2525, if man is still alive...)
Time: 10:50

Role Playing forum directory [6 November 2005].

The Movie


Original Artwork

Original Artwork forum directory [18 June 2006].

FAQ/Terms of Service

"New ppl (plez come here and read)" [page 11]. Posted 8 May 2006. Excerpt:

*glomps her* HIiii!!!!!!!!!!!! Welcome to our ever growing flock of mr!!!
I have no idea when the movie is coming out..LOL

Category: James Patterson

General Discussion

"patterson's adult books" by CaptEdgar. First post 1 April 2005. Excerpt:

has james patterson ever written a book for teens before? I've really enjoyed the Alex Cross series and wonder how Maximum Ride will be different.

General Discussion forum directory [29 April 2005].

"I need some help/advice!" by irishfang. First post 7 July 2005. Excerpt:

Hey everyone i am pretty new to this and was wondering a few things. How do u get those little icons under ur names? how do u get rated, like tested and nested, one of the flock, etc? is there any general advice anyone can give me when just surfing the site?

thankz for all ur help!!!

"The Lake House" [page 3]. Posted 29 July 2005. Excerpt:

*raises eyebrow* I never said you were bashing're one of the people giving a reason for your views, and I respect that. The problems have been solved through PM's, with both you and the others, so...I guess we should all go back to the real discussion. And I'll stop being so condescending and negative, I'm sorry to bog you all down with that.

General Discussion forum directory [7 September 2005].

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