This is a messy collection of fanworks I liked. These images and links come straight from my personal archives.


Notable Works

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Personal Favorites

"A Starry Night" by Yessian. Author's summary:

In the midst of the pain after the surgery, Jeb tells Iggy more stories from the Outside world to help distract him from it.

"Belt Loops" by H. Moth. One of the first Fang/Iggy slashfics, posted in August 2005. This fic has been deleted from

"Gravity" by AliasAurora. Author's summary:

The open sky sealed itself, looking not like a depthless sea but an impenetrable wall, falling, pressing down on me. I wanted to fly up there with a blunt object and shatter it.

"Icaria" by Kimsa Ki-Lurria. Author's summary:

Iggy is captured and brought to Jeb. Faced with his mistakes, Jeb is forced to question his motives and actions of the past fourteen years. Who does he owe allegiance to? The School, his mutant son Ari, or a winged boy determined to hate him? Redemption fic.

"School of Thought" by EndOfTheEarth. Author's summary:

Like any company, Itexicon's employees have their own goals and vendettas. This is the story of how those goals and vendettas resulted in the flock we know and love today.

"Try Not to Scream". Author's summary:

"Let's get this show on the road. We have the firepower, we have the manpower, we have… is that a baseball bat? Okay. We have a baseball bat. Let's burn those murdering fucks to the ground." (Series rewrite, AU. Slowbuilding Fax. Complete.)

"Via Mania" by tanyart. Author's summary:

If love started anywhere, it started with the beating of a heart. Omega x Nudge.



Some of thise content is uncredited/unlinked simply because it's been a long time since I saved this stuff and I no longer have that information. If you made one of these things and want me to remove it from this page, please just ask and I will do so.

Specific Artists


Demonbunny / lyrical_t

This was gift art for me sometime around 2009, based on a fic I was working on then.



Ignis had an art thread on the Maximum Ride UK forum. The dates are a little hard to read, but all four were drawn in September / October 2008.

Thanks to Tumblr user wardens-oath for helping identify this artist!





Sundang did a lot of good art that I did not save, but that I think is neat. Links below:

Book Projects: Maximum Ride Press Poster Concept 2.

Book Projects: Maximum Ride Press Poster Concept.

MAXIMUM RIDE bk-3 remix cover.

max rough concept 1.





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