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To the best of my knowledge, Livejournal was not a bustling hub of Maximum Ride fan activity, as it was for some other fandoms at the time. There was, however, some activity there, including icon-making, fanfiction, fanart, fanmixes, and a little bit of general discussion.

So here is a little showcase of Maximum Ride fandom on Livejournal. Depending on when you read this, some of these journals may still be live, but I've chosen to primarily link to archived versions since nothing, not even Livejournal, lasts forever. (For technical reasons, I've made an exception for entries that either gathered interesting comments, or were image-heavy -- at this time, I'm not putting in the effort to work out a more elegant solution.)

Posts without a community listed were made to the OP's own journal. It wasn't unusual for LJ users to have more than one journal or co-own a journal with other users, and posting to communities was a vital part of LJ life.

Sections: fanart, fanmixes, fanfiction, book discussion, fandom discussion.

I'm still working out an easily-readable page design. Each section is organized chronologically, with usernames highlighted. My intent with this design is to help highlight the tempo of community life, and changes in participation over time.

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Book discussion



[Untitled Post]. Community: maximumride. 17 August 2006.

Hey guys ^_^ I finished Maximum Ride: School's out forever today!!!



"The upcoming MR3". 4 April 2007.

"Maximum Ride three, Saving the world and other extreme sports" is gonna be out in about a months, or two months if you live where I do. Oh Yay. Talk about a long title.


"m.r. vs. h.p. who will win?!". Community: maximumride. 17 August 2007.

hi! i love maximum ride!!!!!! i cant wait for the movie!! or the 4th book! i which one do i want more? i dont know!!!!!!!!!! how come theres not any maximum ride fanart!!! anywhere! why am I asking all these questions?!



[Untitled Post]. Community: maximumride. 14 March 2008. [View image.]

Hee! The bookstore I work at got in our copies of Final Warning this morning!!! I was SO tempted to just sit and read it!!! But I didn't! Even though my manager said I could sit back there when my shift was over and read, I didn't! Cause I thought I'd be fair and read it when everyone else can ^^ But still!!! ITS THERE!!! I HELD IT! It made me very happy ^^ Its only 256 pages D: Which is WAY shorter than I wanted, but oh well, its 256 pages of Maximum wonderful-ness :D


"Maximum Ride: The Final Warning". Community: maximumride. 17 March 2008.

First time posting here but I really just need someone to talk to someone about "The Final Warning." I got it today, right after school and finished in about 3 and a half hours. Let's just say, those were some *WHOAOMGAHHH* 3 and a half hours.


"Hello, loves!". Community: maxfang. 26 March 2008.

Well! I guess we can call this the official The Final Warning discussion post. xD I'll be adding a new quote to the userinfo sometime soon from that, but I've decided to wait a month or two to make sure not to spoil anyone.

"Quotes?". Community: maxfang. 5 April 2008.

I was thinking we could compose a nice long list of Max/Fangish quotes together, just because. XD


"Book 5 already?". Community: maximumride. 28 May 2008.

Psst. Look what I found on Amazon today. :) It's even got a description.


[Untitled Post]. Community: maximumride. 20 July 2008.

Wow, this comm is DEAD.

So, discussion time, in three parts.

[Untitled Post]. Community: maximumride. 28 July 2008.

Okay it's officially my mission to revive this comm. I will make it happen!!


"I haven't seen this mentioned yet, so....". Community: maximumride. 8 August 2008.

Fellow fans, I give you book 5!


"*dies a little*". Community: canonrants. 11 August 2008.

Waterwings: A Maximum Ride Novel by James Patterson



"MAX discussion post". Community: maxfang. 20 March 2009.

Well, now that the fifth book's been out for a few days, I thought that a discussion post would be suitable! (:


"MAX". Community: maximumride. 9 April 2009.

aaaaahhh, this comm is so dead. is anyone alive to discuss the newest book with me :o?



"Max and Fang and Angel OH MY!". Community: maximumride. 16 March 2010.


I just finished reading Fang, the 6th book for those of you out of the loop. And wow... Everything that went on is just itching to be discusssed, but since it just came out yesterday, its quite doubtful that many people have actually finished reading it yet. And that is why I must, must, MUST get it out somewhere. Lucky yous, you get to hear all about it.


"Why I Can't Sleep". 30 March 2010.

Simple enough I suppose.

I just finished the sixth Maximum Ride novel: Fang. And really all I have to say is...


"A Theory Regarding Angel". Community: maximumride. 2 May 2010.

Been thinking a bit about Angel's behavior in the last few books, especially the most recent, and I've developed a theory -


Fandom discussion



"Liiiiive! :D". Community: maximumride. 2 June 2006. (View with comments and embedded video.)

Hi everyone! Rohan here trying to get the fandom of Maximum Ride living again! (I was surprised there were no posts concerning the release of the third book! ((...Which I have not had the pleasure of reading quite yet.)))


"Finally.". Community: maximumride. 28 July 2006. (View with comments.)

I'm so thrilled to finally se a MR comm. I'd hoped one would have been created sooner (and thought of making one myself). Now all this comm needs is people...It's so hard to find Maximum Ride fan stuff, does anyone know a good fansite?



"[Untitled post]". 20 February 2007. (View with comments.)

Maximum Ride fandom, I've been holding this in for a long time. I think you need to hear this.



"Fang's Blog". Community: maximumride. 27 March 2008. (View with comments.)

Anyone else read Fang's most recent blog post?


"Actor/Actress?". Community: maxfang. 20 April 2008. (View with comments and images.)

Alright. I've seen many many many different views on who should play Max and Fang in the movie; here's who I think would be good, although perhaps a bit old.



"Why I am not on Max-Dan-Wiz anymore? [Among other things]". 31 July 2009.

The answer is simple: I got banned. Yep, B-A-N-N-E-D. Not even for my amazing smut. Why? Because I said "crap" in the forums, "shit" in my FF and one "fuck" in my FF. Sorry, guys I'll miss you (and I'll ask nathan to tell everyone on MDW what happened.)





"Maximum Ride Fanmix- "Run"". 2 May 2007.

Mix title: "Run". Click to view the front and back covers.


"Maximum Ride fanmix.". 10 June 2007.

Mix title: messiah, so not a. Click to view the mini banner, front cover, and back cover.



"Birds of a Feather: a Max/Fang fanmix". Community: dawnoflove. 2 July 2008.

Mix title: Birds of a Feather. Click to view the front and back covers.



"[fst meme] temeraire/blazer drive/maximum ride". 11 June 2009.

Mix title: Still Alive. Click here to view cover.

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