Things that just don't quite fit anywhere else, or that I haven't categorized yet. Things on this page may move around...

Physical Items

Sometimes I trawl through eBay to see if there are any new, interesting Maximum Ride items floating around. I've tried to figure out basic information about these items, but my knowledge is imperfect.

Advance Reader Copy of The Angel Experiment, 2005.


Advance Reader Copies of School's Out - Forever, 2006.


Advance Reader Copy of Saving the World and Other Extreme Sports, 2007.

These temporary tattoos were given away on at least one occasion -- at the 2007 BookExpo in New York City -- but turn up with some regularity on eBay, so I suspect that they may have been distributed at different times as well.


These were giveaways by Yen Press at New York Comic Con in October 2014 - they may have also been given away the following year, but I’m not sure. The button is a little over 2 inches in diameter, and the poster is about 11 x 17 inches.

These temporary tattoos were given away at San Diego Comic Con, perhaps between 2010 and 2015 (after the release of Fang but before the release of the last main-series book, Maximum Ride Forever). It's possible they date from 2012, when Yen Press had a booth and were giving away items related to another James Patterson novel. But I don't know.

Digital Items

Pretty much this whole website qualifies as "digital ephemera", but I want to winnow this section down to "toys and games that still work with minimal fuss".

To interact with some of these files, you will need a Flash emulator such as Ruffle. Asterisks indicate files I've tested this way.

* TAE soundboard - tested with actual Flash Player, works

Audiobook preview mp3

* MR UK match-3 game

* Maximum Ride pacman - tested in actual Flash Player, works there

* Tested in Flash: holly_opening_v6A.swf (works but is not terribly interesting, could be embedded on Soundtrack page?); blogslide.swf (works but is not interactive); banner.swf (from MRUK - works, not very interesting).

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Last edit: 2 November 2022.